The Timeless Luxury of Rare Beauty

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Exotic Tahitian black pearls, smooth to touch, elegant to wear. 

One of nature’s rarest of beauties.

In time-honoured exquisite designs. 

Discover the most lustrous drop of luxury.

Direct from pristine equatorial oceans.​

From Tahiti to you.

Exotic, Beautiful,

Eternally Elegant

The alluring black pearls of Tahiti’s tropical waters are timelessly brought to you in Nanihi Tahitian Pearls’ elegant range of artisan jewellery. 

Every unique gem is chosen by hand to float effortlessly at the heart of our jewellers’ intricate designs. These rare pearls beckon with a captivating mystery, shining with silken lustre and opalescent wonder. 

Cultivated by experts and crafted by artisans, discover the timeless elegance of Nanihi Tahitian Pearls.

Caring for your pearls

Nurtured to last

Lovingly encased in our simple, classic designs, Nanihi Tahitian Pearls are the elegant choice for jewellery to be worn with confidence every day. 

It takes time and patient care for each pearl to be expertly cultivated.

​Nurtured to last, they can retain their lustre for future generations if well cared for.

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Discover the timeless elegance of Nanihi Tahitian Pearls

Cultivated by experts, crafted by artisans

Special offer for Christmas

Special offer for Christmas

To say MERRY CHRISTMAS, we're giving away a faux-suede jewellery travel folder with all Nanihi Tahitian Pearl strands, up until Christmas 2018.  A ...

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Creating a pearl

Creating a pearl

It takes up to two years to produce a single unique pearl. Black lip oysters, Pinctada Margaritifera, are the sole creators of our rare black pear...

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