Every pearl is as individual as the person it adorns. ​The uniqueness of each gem is revealed through variations in its colour, lustre, size, shape and the quality of its surface. Discover pearl quality for yourself.

A pearl’s colour exactly matches the colour of the inside of the oyster that created it. In a Black Lip oyster (Pinctada Margaritifera) this colour ranges from a gorgeous deep black to a vibrant peacock green and a serene silver green to a calming eggplant.

Surface Quality 
Every pearl is unique, born to an individual Black Lip oyster (Pinctada Margaritifera). Produced organically, pearls can come with blemishes. These are often natural birth marks left by the oyster.

A flawless pearl—where the surface is entirely clean and clear of blemishes—is incredibly rare. Our pearls are graded by the the number and depth of any imperfections, with only those meeting our exacting standards being placed in our jewellery pieces.

Pearls can vary in size from under 10mm to over 20mm in diameter. Each has the thick and lustrous nacre that gives it both its strength and iridescent shine. Variations in size are a result of the organic process of cultivating each oyster and are part of the charm of every pearl.

Find the exact range of pearl sizes used in each piece of jewellery on its product pages.

The unique shape of a pearl comes from the oyster that created it. Perfectly round pearls are incredibly rare and differences in shape are part of the charm and individuality that these organic gems offer to their wearers.

Nanihi Tahitian Pearl jewellery celebrates a range of pearl shapes in exquisite designs. From perfect round pearls to fascinating circle pearls and from oval drops to semi-baroque pearls.

The luminous quality of a pearl’s surface is one of its most important virtues. The nacre, or outer coating, of a pearl reflects light, making it appear that it is radiating light from inside.

The lustre of the best pearls is mirror-like, reflecting light with an undeniable brilliance. Lower quality pearls tend to have a dull or frosty appearance. Our pearls will always shine with their natural lustre as we never treat our pearls to improve or affect their appearance.

A Keshi is a pearl without a nucleus. These pearls have no real core and are typically smaller in diameter. They also come in a wide range of shapes and colours.

While different to normal pearls, Keshi’s can reach an extremely high value – sometimes as great as pearls.
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