The Nanihi Tahitian Pearls story began on the tiny French Polynesian atoll of Takaroa in 1984.  In these tropical waters, the Koan family built their pearl farm and began to master the art of cultivating black pearls.

​As the Koan family’s wisdom and skills grew, they became pioneers and artisans of the rare Tahitian pearl. ​

Having grown up around pearls, Rick returned to Takaroa after his studies in Hawaii to join his father, Sylvain. Since childhood, Rick has shown a natural affinity for cultivating black lip oysters and he developed this skill in the decades since his return.

When Rick met Natalie, his Australian partner, in 2004, they decided to bring this rare gemstone down under. Today, Rick and Natalie oversee the pearl farm on Takaroa, bringing a lifetime of wisdom to every pearl. 

​Nanihi Tahitian Pearls was born – Australia’s first company specialising exclusively in Tahitian black pearls.

A range of time-honoured, exquisite designs has emerged over the past decade. Under the creative hand of skilled world-class jewellers, the finest Tahitian black pearls are suspended in intricately captivating designs. 

The Koan story is one of unwavering family dedication and lifelong passion. These precious values guarantee the quality of every pearl floating at the heart of Nanihi Tahitian Pearl's timeless creations. 

Tradition meets design as luxury meets your everyday.

What is so special about Tahitian Pearls?

Tahitian cultivated pearls rose to fame in New York and elsewhere during the 1980s. Today, they are loved for their simple and versatile elegance.

They can bring classic beauty to your everyday life or add a touch elegance to special occasions.

Nanihi Tahitian Pearls creates timelessly elegant jewellery from one of nature’s rarest gems: Tahitian black pearls.

Each piece of exquisite jewellery draws on the wisdom of our Tahitian pearl farmers and is composed with precision by our world-class jewellers.

The beautiful, hand-crafted jewellery that emerges captivates with mystery and delights with elegance. 

Pearl Quality from Real Artisans

The Nanihi Tahitian black pearl is born in the tropical waters around Takaroa, near Tahiti.

Pearls form when our technicians implant a mother of pearl bead inside the oyster. The oyster coats this nucleus with the same iridescent substance that lines its shell. Slowly, in a process that takes 18 months to two years, a beautiful pearl is formed. 

Nanihi’s black pearls emerge from the 'black lip' oyster (Pinctada margaritifera). Such pearls are remarkably rare: only one in every thousand black lip oysters contains one of these pure gemstones in nature. 

Every Nanihi Tahitian pearl comes from this one species endemic to the atolls of French Polynesia. This precision guarantees the quality and authenticity of the organic black gems that are the centrepiece to your timeless creation. 

​Every Nanihi Tahitian Pearl is cultivated by the pioneering Koan family on Takaroa. Pearl farmers with over 30 years’ experience, they use time-honoured techniques to carefully produce the highest quality of black pearl.

​Only the finest black pearls are hand-selected to feature in our jewellery range. 

Expert world-class jewellers then create intricate designs of Nanihi Tahitian Pearl’s timeless necklaces, rings, pendants and earrings.

​Each is elegantly crafted to effortlessly celebrate the lustre and shine of our organic black pearls.

The moment you hold a Nanihi Tahitian Pearl creation is the moment you truly discover the rare quality we’re renowned for.

Simple steps to caring for your pearls