Simple Steps to a Timeless Heirloom

Complete your look with Tahitian black pearls. Always put your pearls on last – after you've done your make-up and styled your hair. The chemicals in hair spray, cosmetics, sun block, perfume and other cleaning products can dull the lustre of these rare pearls.

Wipe your pearls after wearing them. Perspiration, cosmetics and perfume left on the pearl while wearing can cause them damage. But a simple wipe with a soft cloth as you put them away will ensure your pearls keep shining for years to come.

Keep your black pearls cool. While they began life in an exotic island paradise, your pearls don't enjoy extreme heat. Don't leave them in the car during the summer or wear them in a hot bath or shower.

Give your pearls a home of their own. Store your pearls in a soft cloth pouch or soft-lined jewellery box. Keeping them separate from hard jewellery items, especially diamonds, is important too. Pearls are softer than diamonds and can be left scratched if stored together. 

Keep your pearls close. If you wear your pearls often, have them restrung once a year to guard against strand breakage.
Tahitian black pearls are resilient and versatile enough to be worn every day, yet these beautiful, organic gemstones are still vulnerable to damage or to being dulled over time if they're not cared for. 
To keep your black pearls looking their best for years to come, please follow our recommendations above.