Tahitian Metallic Pearl Bracelet - Baroque 18cm - STBRYGMEBQ0002


Make a statement with majestic metallic elegance

This unique Tahitian Pearl Strand Bracelet features 18 Baroque pearls that elegantly frames your wrist. Each piece is individually crafted and one of each design only is made. 

This rare range of dove white pearl colours will speak to your individual depth while the easy-to-use 18k gold clasp adds a touch of pure luxury to the experience.

CLASP:                              18ct Yellow Gold

PEARL SHAPE:                 Metallic Baroque  6 - 9.5mm

PEARL QUANTITY:           18 pearls  15grams

STRAND LENGTH:           18cm

PEARL GRADE:                C  Tahitian / AA  USA

PEARL TYPE:                   Tahitian Metallic Pearls


ORIGIN:                             French Polynesia 

The strand in the photo is the one you will receive.

All Nanihi Tahitian Pearl jewellery comes with a 12-month warranty.

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